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Italian Courses and Italian on line Classes
Italian courses Italian on line classes
If you are looking for effective, easy, fun and affordable Italian Language Courses,
we have the perfect solution.
At we create your personalized Italian Courses!
We guarantee results. With our "one on one" private Italian Tutor you will have all the personal care and attention you deserve to learn this wonderful Language.
We also provide Free pdf manuals for each Italian course we offer, plus free Audio files to help you even after the course is completed.

Our Basic Italian courses:

1) Italian Grammar Course Level 1 basic - 5 lessons ($170)
A good basic foundation of Italian Grammar: Learn the fundamentals of verbs, Conjugations, how to build a phrase, Articles, Adjectives and much more.

2) Italian Grammar Course Level 2 advanced - 5 lessons ($190)
Master all the fundamentals of Italian Grammar with added attention on Italian pronunciation.

3) Italian Crash course for beginners (5 lessons $170)
the easiest and fastest way to Speak Italian!
If there is only one course you can take, this is it! A direct system to speak Italian focusing on the core fundamentals of the Italian Language... no boring academic lessons, no memorizing grammar rules or verbs.... just a direct approach to a dynamic and fun way to learn and speak the Italian language!

4) Surviving in Italy Italian Course (4 lessons $170)
A crash course to help enjoy and survive your next trip to Italy.
Covering your Restaurant experience, how to board a plane, how to deal with Gypsies,
how to take a cab, how to shop avoiding being ripped off...
and much more.

5) Romantic Italian Course (4 lessons $170)
Learn the Language of Casanova, of Rodolfo Valentino... this fun and very useful crash Italian course will transform you over night into a real Italian Lover :)
(available for men or women)

6) Italian Slang and Curses Crash Course (4 lessons $170)
Speak and sound like a native from Rome! A fast learning experience of mastering all the curses, slang and street phrases to become like a real Roman,
blending in with the locals!

7) Business Italian Course (5 lessons $250)
If you are in the corporate world, especially involved in trade relations with Italy,
this is a great way to master the basics and beyond of how to communicate in a professional way.

8) Italian Course customized just for YOU! (5 lessons $299)
This one's our specialty: We create a course customized just for your needs...
With Audio files and Pdf files created just for your Italian needs that you can enjoy and bring with you wherever you go!

9) Italian Kitchen and Buon Appetito Italian Course (2 lessons $70)
Learn how to entertain your guests during an Italian feast and everything in the Italian Kitchen and cooking!

10) Italian pronunciation Crash Course (2 lessons $70)
How to Sound Like a native Italian: a unique crash course focused on how to pronounce Italian, like a real Italian!!

For more questions or to purchase one of the above Italian Courses, please email us Copyright 2012